How to Become a Good Interior Designer?

Interior designers design the interiors of semi-open or closed buildings. They are highly trained, licensed professionals responsible for ensuring the safety and functionality of every project they undertake.

What is Interior Architecture and Architecture in our previous article? We gave professional information by mentioning the subject In this article, we will share with you our thoughts on the profession of interior architecture, the education – license requirements to become an interior architect, and a career in interior architecture.

PART 1 – Prepare to be an Interior Architect

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1Understand the profession.
Drawing interior design involves more than a skill for basic education. First, to define yourself as an interior designer, before one or the Republic of Turkey (the other countries accepted) degree program you must have successfully completed undergraduate education. This process includes earning a degree in undergraduate education or passing a diploma grade above a certain average. After gaining a license, interior designers are involved in every step of a new building. It plays an important role in presenting the design ideas for the needs of the individuals who will use the building, supervising the construction / modification / manufacturing process and making the final structure suitable for the intended use. Interior designers have the following skills and skills:

  • Creative. Interior designers come up with original ideas to best design the interiors of buildings that complement their surroundings and meet functional purposes. Every apparent simple space we come across is actually the work of a successful interior designer who finds the fine line between beauty and functionality.
  • Science and art. Interior architecture is both an art and a science. In addition to designing interior spaces by considering elegance and beauty, interior architects give different meanings to a space, and creating a spacious and understandable space is done only by interior architects. Practicality is essential for quality spaces.
  • Contact. Interior designers should be able to effectively share the vision of an interior space with the people who will use it. They are excellent at communicating with customers by preparing their ideas as presentations.

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2Decide what kind of field you want to work in.
Some interior architects work in subcontractors from the start up to the turnkey project. Other interior designers use their talents and professional skills in different areas.

  • Graduates of interior architecture and environmental design have a knowledge of plant sciences as well as interior architecture and play a role in the connection of outdoor spaces with the environment.
  • Some interior designers only focus on design, they make sure that the spaces they designed meet the expectations of the customer.
  • Construction companies usually work as a project management team that supervises the finishing works of interior architects and buildings.
  • Some interior designers may focus on specific structures such as social facilities, hospitals or schools. They can also work on the restoration of old buildings.

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3Talk to the interior designer.
When deciding whether you want to become an interior designer, talk to qualified interior designers with a career in interior architecture.

  • Contact interior design firms in your area and request an appointment to be informed. Request interior design program recommendations and other professional advice.
  • Find a part-time job or internship at an interior design company to get a better understanding of what the profession looks like.

SECTION 2 – Training and Education Requirements Instead

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1Education in Interior Architecture.
Search for universities that offer successful interior architecture education. If you selected universities abroad, while the bachelor’s degree be sure it’s valid in Turkey.

  • Some universities provide opportunities at your faculty to do a master’s degree after undergraduate programs.
  • If you want to make the transition to university education abroad, while Turkey make sure you make the transition to undergraduate courses available at the university that you receive.

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2To take a post at the university, take a master’s program.
If you want to become an academic, you will need a master’s degree after completing your undergraduate program. Getting a master’s degree at the university where you study can give you an advantage in your academic life.

SECTION 3 – Claim Your Profession as an Interior Designer.

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1Get your diploma first. Support organizations that defend the rights of the interior design profession.
Support organizations that defend the rights of the interior design profession. As soon as you receive your diploma, the first thing you need to do is to register with the Chamber of Interior Designers.

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2Get experience.
After completing your undergraduate education and enrollment in the Chamber of Interior Architects, before you dream of opening an office, try to work in interior architecture offices that are the best interior architects in the market for a certain period of time. During this working time you can learn about the market and help you make your own way.

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3Start practicing.
Contribute to your personal growth, depending on your educational level and personal interests. Contribute to the development of your imagination by making interior sketches whenever possible.

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