How to Work with an Interior Architect in 6 Steps?

If you are planning to renovate a house or build a brand new home, an interior designer can bring you together with your dreams. It may be a good idea to start with an interior designer when tearing down walls or restoring a historic home; may require law. Do not worry about getting interior design services from outside during the design process of your living space.

Yes, you can find the best interior designer to suit your style by following a few simple steps.


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1 Determine if you need an interior designer.
It may be better to hire a contractor if local changes (masonry, construction) do not require during the enrichment phase. Contractors will be able to handle most home renovations on their own. Replacing worn flooring, paint and light fixtures is easy for the contractor. However, if the floor plan of your home changes, you can work with an interior designer.

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2 Look for an interior designer who stands out from search engines like Google.
Try to reach interior designers who improve themselves in search engines like Google and yandex. Search for location-based interior designers such as ‘Gaziantep Interior Architect’ – ‘Ankara Interior Architect’ from your location. Visit the websites of interior design offices that appear on the first page of the search results and look at their past projects.

Cess Interior Architecture, Turkey in Google “best interior architects” is in the top 30 in the search.

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3 Select a few candidates and request an appointment to meet them.
Don’t limit yourself by choosing just one architect; Check with several interior designers before making your choice. Tell them about your design requests, get an idea of how it works, and most importantly, make sure you can work seamlessly with the architect you are starting to work with. You will work closely with them, so pay attention to bilateral relations.

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4 Consider hiring a design firm.
Design companies are companies that employ architects and interior designers as well as directly sell materials. Having an implementation team within the design office can support you in terms of cost.

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5 Evaluate the wage situation.
After you decide on an interior architect and before signing a contract, ask how wages are structured. The interior architecture firm can only request a project price or request a percentage over the application time – material cost. Talk about this pricing policy first. Alternatively, state the implementation budget you have allocated before the contract. This budget gives the architects the most value you will pay, so you can ensure that you will not exceed your budget by choosing overly expensive materials.

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6 Read the agreement carefully.
Once the contract has been created, make sure you understand and agree to all of its terms before signing it.


  • Make sure architects think about your budget when designing.
  • You can meet other people who are satisfied with interior designers.
  • If you know a good practitioner, he or she can recommend you the best interior designer in your area.


Don’t choose an interior designer just because it costs low fees. It may end in frustration.