Interior Design with Marble and Wood Combinations

Luxurious decorations are created with the combination of textured marble and wood pieces. Combinations made of natural materials make life modern and enjoy spending time indoors. The floors, bathroom floors and kitchen countertops are covered with wonderful marble coverings, almost reaching the peak of naturalness. The woods are used in harmony on both the wall and the floor. These two modern flats show how a sophisticated décor is far from the ordinary and natural materials can be harmoniously combined.

duvar ünitesi tasarımları
Spherical lighting, slatted wooden wall and dazzling marble application. The flat screen TV is partially mounted on wooden slats, while the bottom is suspended on a white, gray and gold-tone marble panel. Some of the white LED lighting goes through the section.
modern yaşam alanları
Two round shiny white coffee tables with black frames, white marble countertops just behind the living room and black kitchen cabinets complement each other.
duvar dekorasyonları
Wooden wall slats filter the light, creating flat and shaded areas. Applying flat wood panels that repeat each other differentiates the space.
mutfak masası modelleri
Lighting suspended on the dining table adds elegance to the space. It adds color to the marble-wood decoration.
yatak odası dekorasyon fikirleri
The white floor lamp is positioned in the headboard. While the lampshade model suitable for it is positioned at the bedside table, a beautiful reflection is created from the smoked mirror behind it.
cam gardrop modelleri
The glass wardrobe has a practical and stylish design that is positioned above the wooden floor in the bedroom.
şömine modelleri
While the wardrobe is defined with the bedstead, there is a wooden partition wall at the foot end. There is a home office desk behind the separator that meets with the electric fireplace.
çalışma masası örnekleri
The wood-metal table is equipped with a stylish table lamp.
banyo dekorasyonları 2018
In the bathroom, a modern bathroom fixture, a stylish bathtub, freestanding hilton, wall-mounted toilet, marble covering the walls and floor.
bej banyo dekorasyonları
Black metal frames and black faucets unite with the texture of the marble.
modern villa dekorasyonları
Our second apartment is a summer house in a luxury resort located near the Finnish bay.
tv ünitesi tasarımları
The TV unit is designed with a marble and wood covering in the wall decor. The golden pattern of the marble is in perfect harmony with the warm tone of the wood. The plain white under TV furniture is mounted directly to the wall.
bej koltuk takımları
The modern sofa in beige tones integrates with the colors of the marble textured wall.
balıksırtı parkeler
Herringbone parquet is preferred on the floor of the sitting area in the living room. It is furnished with a marble surface and without any difference in elevation.
bej mutfak dekorasyonları
Marble floor tiles are seen in the sophisticated kitchen in beige tones. Wooden slats descending from the wall to the floor separate the living area from the kitchen.
mutfak dekorasyon
The white glass spheres in the unique kitchen lighting harmonize with the brightness of the marble on the floor.
vestiyer portmanto
Sliding cloakroom cabinets are produced in the corridor to match the marble and wooden decoration. The storage systems in this house are designed with decorative marble panels.
vestiyer tasarımları
Decorative vases are placed on the shelves inside the tooth formed on the white wall.
yatak odası duvar dekorasyonları
While 2 golden yellow wall sconces illuminate the back of one bedside table, the marble panel at the back illuminates the other.
mermer panel uygulamaları
Marble panels can be applied when making extraordinary wall decoration. It reflects the lights in the space thanks to the glossy surface of the marble panels.
makyaj masaları
Combining with the marble panels applied on the wall, the dressing table is designed very elegantly.
balıksırtı ahşap parkeler
Complete your bedroom decor with herringbone wood parquet flooring.
banyo mermer döşemeleri
Marble, produced with intense lines, looks like a work of art on the walls and the floor of the bathroom. Dark colors such as black are preferred in bathroom fixtures and fittings.
banyo dekorasyonları
The wooden panel application that flows from the wall to the ceiling draws attention.
banyo aydınlatmaları
LED lighting in the bathroom contributes to the quality of the bathroom.
banyo mermer örnekleri
LED lights behind the mirror play an important role in shining the floor.
vestiyer antre dekorasyonları
Thanks to the lighting just below the cloakroom entrance, a stylish reflection is created on the marble floor. Wooden slats cover both sides of the cloakroom mirror. It gives a special identity to the place.