What is Interior Architecture and Architecture?

One of the most important elements in our homes and work areas where we spend most of our days and where we are happy is that the interior design has a spacious appearance. In this way, we spend a peaceful time in our environment.

The interiors that we address as “decoration” are actually not just wall paint, floor covering or furniture placement. The main touch that gives identity to the space and gives freshness and naturalness to the environment is interior architecture. As Cess Architecture team, we will give you brief information about our profession by mentioning the differences between interior architecture and architecture in our first blog post.

What is Interior Architecture?

After all kinds of commercial and living spaces are designed by the architects, strengthened by the engineers and turned into a structure, who will use the interior of the constructed building; It is a designer with a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Architecture or the Faculty of Fine Arts, which provides comfort to the user by considering all the elements of the building, in accordance with the ergonomic rules reflecting the style of the user, without exceeding the specified budget, according to the wishes and purpose of use of that person. Anyone who does not have these qualifications without a bachelor’s degree is not an “interior designer“. How to Become a Good Interior Designer?

What is Architecture?

It is the person who designs the spaces (workplaces, residences, industrial buildings, factories and other buildings) for the intended use of the users. “Building” creates a skeleton by determining the most suitable place in areas deemed appropriate to be built. It designs the surrounding of the building site without ignoring the texture of the city (construction area, required road-bridge, facade and height) and other technical details. They are designers with diplomas who have received bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Architecture of the universities. Anyone who does not meet these qualifications and has no undergraduate education is not an “architect“.

Architecture provides the place and means of all human activity. Architecture helps to create a value that reflects and symbolizes culture and traditions by harmonizing human health with the environment, promoting health and well-being, enriching lives aesthetically and spiritually, and providing economic opportunities.

Common Concept Between Interior Architecture and Architecture

The basic common point of interior architects and architects is that they design the needs of people in the best way in accordance with functional, ergonomic and professional rules. They increase the quality of life by providing comfort thanks to quality spaces designed for people. Users with increased quality of life continue their lives in a healthy and happy way.

To Be A Good Interior Architect;

  • Artistic imagination and creative vision to design the interiors of buildings where ideas and techniques are combined through form, light, textures, materials and colors to fulfill our aesthetic, spiritual and cultural needs,
  • Practical and technical knowledge to create safe, efficient, sustainable and economical interior spaces,
  • To create interiors that meet the complex and sometimes conflicting needs of customers, users, and the community, it is necessary to have interpersonal communication skills and psychological understanding.

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